Spoofer's Revenge
The dirt block on Silly's desk
Published: February 2nd, 2014
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Series: Silly's Zexal
Episode #: 12
Season: 1
# in season: 12

Spoofer's Revenge is an episode of Silly's Zexal. The Spoofer has returned and is now using private servers to get toons terminated. Meanwhile in the real world Chris has returned from his vacation in Minecraft and Team Fortress 2.



Lily comments on that now ToonTown is gone, everyone is flocking to private servers. Silly decides to make a sequel, but Lily tells him that she already knows what it's a sequel to. Suddenly a jet arrives, crashing into The Awesome Webkinz Wiki and knocking down some of Lily's Whale memorabilia. Chris steps off the plane which self-destructs, rolling back the damage it did in the impact. Silly asks how Minecraft was, but Chris tells him he wasn't there that long, because he went to Team Fortress 2. Chris tells Silly he got a souvenir from Minecraft, and puts a block of dirt on Silly's desk.

Ugly Hair Man is crying because his hair is ugly, and then says it isn't ugly, the whole time Awkward Iceman calling him weird. Ugly Hair Man comes outside to see Nosedive Kite Dude is there, who runs over to see him but suddenly stops. Suddenly a canyon opens up in front of Nosedive Kite Dude. Ugly Hair Man is amazed, and Nosedive Kite Dude tells him he has connections with Silly and thanks him, and is then squashed by Silly's hand before he disappears into reality.

Awkward Iceman tries to run away, but Ugly Hair Man grabs him by the earring and tosses him into the pit, and then hops down, followed by Nosedive Kite Dude. Spoofer reveals that it has returned, and drags its new power source, Cake Monster, by an extension cord, but Nosedive Kite Dude eats it. Spoofer panics and runs away, getting several traps ready for Ugly Hair Man and his friends on the way there. Nosedive Kite Dude uses some kite bombs destroying the traps, but activating a bomb trap, which explodes, supposedly killing them all.

Somehow they survived, and they find Whale. Ugly Hair Man runs up and hugs him, much to his dismay. Whale punches Ugly Hair Man away, and he screams causing the canyon to collapse, burying the other three. Spoofer tells Ugly Hair Man to go away, with constant shots of yes and no back at each other, but Ugly Hair Man tricks Spoofer, and they duel. Ugly Hair Man wins easily, and Spoofer drops Number 72: Paper Cuts, and explodes revealing Downsized Downsizer of Downsizeness. Whale runs away with some of Awkward Iceman's pretzels, escaping the canyon.

Downsized Downsizer of Downsizeness tells Ugly Hair Man that he'll be back, and flies away. Awkward Iceman and Nosedive Kite Dude run away as the canyon closes, smashing Ugly Hair Man. Awkward Iceman tells Nosedive Kite Dude he made more pretzels, and they celebrate.

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