In the End
SCN 0023
Nosedive Kite Dude shoves Downsizer down an elevator shaft
Published: November 24th, 2013
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Series: Silly's Zexal
Episode #: 5
Season: 1
# in season: 5

In The End is an episode of Silly's Zexal. Lily and Penny challenge each other to say "in the end" in every sentence like Casual Cashew does. Silly joins in, and is therefore forced to make everyone in the episode say it as well.



Penny challenges Lily to say in the end in every sentence the next day like Casual Cashew does (although she calls him Caswell). A few minutes later Lily asks if Silly wants to do it too, and he accepts and decides to write a new story about it too. The next day, they are all saying In The End and Silly starts writing his story.

At Skhool, Casual Cashew shows up and asks what's up. Whale says not much, and then asks why Casual Cashew says in the end in every sentence, and then starts to question why everyone else is doing it all of a sudden. Tuna insults Casual Cashew's phrase, and he stomps off dropping his numbers, which turn out to be fake. Awkward Iceman suggests selling them on zBay. Downsized Downsizer of Downsizeness appears and says that he will defeat them all, but Nosedive Kite Dude shoves him down an elevator breaking all of his parts, and Whale recalls that the same thing happened to him a while ago.

Lily comments that the story is boring, but then realizes that she forgot to say in the end and lost. Silly laughs at her but ends up forgetting to say in the end as well, and loses. Penny laughs at both of them, but she forgets to say in the end too, and loses. Silly gets mad and crumples up his story, tossing it in the garbage. Due to losing, they are forced to wear stupid masks the rest of the week. Lily's is Whale being weird, Penny's is Whale being creepy, and Silly's is just Whale being Whale.

That night, Casual Cashew pops out of the story in the trash can, saying to the readers that it really is an awesome catchphrase, and then dives back into the story.

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