Dr. Turker
Full Name: Doctor Turker
Gender: Male
Professional Information
  Turkey Hunter
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Turkey Farm

Dr. Turker is a character in Silly's Zexal. He was notorious for eating turkeys, who kept trying to stop him. He is identical to Doc Stretchy Head and it is currently unknown whether or not they are related.


Dr. Turker went to the Farm of Turkeys every year to get a turkey for Thanksgiving. Eventually the farm went out of business because he took all of the turkeys. He was eventually defeated when he ate Reginald "The Turkey" Kastle who poisoned himself with a number. (Turkey Farm)


Silly's ZexalEdit


Opponent(s) Episode Result
Reginald "The Turkey" KastleTurkey FarmWin


Dr. Turker's Deck

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