Casual Cashew
Cashew FIXED
Full Name: Casual Caswell Cashew
Aliases: Caswell (canon name)
The Ghost of Christmas Cashew Past
Gender: Male
Ash the Fatty
Flip. and he's not a scientist.
Professional Information
  The Ghost of Christmas Cashew Past
Waiter at Le Fancypants Restaurant
  Jack Skellington
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Week o' Whale
In the end, in the end is the best phrase EVER! You're all weirdos in the end.

–Casual Cashew, In The End

Casual Cashew is a character in Silly's Zexal. He says "in the end" in every sentence.


Casual Cashew got arrested for unknown reasons and ended up in the Whail Jail with Flip. and he's not a scientist. and Whale. When they attempt to escape, Galaxy Eyes shows up and destroys Zexal by accident. (Cookie Thief)

Casual Cashew appears as The Ghost of Christmas Cashew Past to convince Downsized Downsizer of Downsizeness to give the rest of Team Downsize off for Christmas, and reminds him that he used to love Christmas by showing him Momsizer giving him his bowler hat. (A Zexal Carol)

After a misunderstanding, Casual Cashew and Flip. and he's not a scientist. hear Ash the Fatty crying about Ugly Hair Man and Tuna dating, and publish an article about it in the Skhool Payper. The next day when Flowery Bugeyes confronts them, they claim they were framed. (Unhappy Valentine's Day)


Silly's ZexalEdit


Opponent(s) Episode Result
Giraffe Garage and Sideways Sea-LifeRise of the BerriesWin (with Flip. and he's not a scientist.)