Awkward Iceman
Full Name: Awkwardius Numberius Icemanius
Aliases: Astral (canon name)
The Ghost of Christmas Ice Future
Gender: Male
Hometown: Iceland
Ugly Hair Man
Professional Information
  The Ghost of Christmas Ice Future
  Jack Skellington
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Week o' Whale
Also, since when did we have government. Team Downsize does whatever they want to do with no negative circumstances, and crimes are solved by teenagers playing card games? The closest thing to government we've ever had was in that episode where Whale went to jail, and let me tell you that judicial system was way too wacky and biased!

–Awkward Iceman, The Taco Tragedy

Awkward Iceman is a character in Silly's Zexal. He is made completely out of ice. He is part of the species called Awkwardius Numberius Icemanius, but is the only one of his kind because Silly decided that just one of them was creepy enough already. He travels with Ugly Hair Man to collect cards called numbers to fulfill his plan of pie for everyone. Because he is made out of ice, he often gets melted. He likes making pretzels. He gets easily annoyed by Ugly Hair Man's stupidity.


When Whale mysteriously gets killed at Skhool, Awkward Iceman goes with the rest of the students to find out who did it. After Stretchy Castle collapses, he is one of the few survivors and fights the Dumbohead brothers with Lily and Ugly Hair Man. (Whaleoween)

Awkward Iceman appears as The Ghost of Christmas Ice Future to convince Downsized Downsizer of Downsizeness to give the rest of Team Downsize off for Christmas, and shows him Downsizer Grunts 1 and 2 becoming the new presidents of Team Downsize and scrapping him. (A Zexal Carol)


Silly's ZexalEdit


Opponent(s) Episode Result
Rainbow-Head, Sinko Dee Myoh, and Lunch TrayWhaleoweenWin (with Ugly Hair Man and Lily)
WhaleRise of the BerriesWin (with Ugly Hair Man)


Awkward Iceman's Deck