Ash the Fatty
Full Name: Ash Chunky Ketchum
Gender: Male
Casual Cashew
Flip. and he's not a scientist.
Flowery Bugeyes
Love interests:
Behind the Scenes
First Appearance:
  Week o' Whale

Ash the Fatty is a character in Silly's Zexal. He is a fat dude and because of that his shirt doesn't fit. He bears a passing resemblance to Ash Ketchum from Pokémon for unknown reasons.


He hosted his own hot dog eating contest with a prize of a mansion and submarine, however, it was actually a bag of brussels sprouts, which Downsized Downsizer of Downsizeness won. (HOT DOGS)

After Tuna helps him, he falls in love with her and wants to duel Whale so he can date her. Whale refuses the duel, and a rumor starts about Ugly Hair Man and Tuna dating. (Unhappy Valentine's Day)


Silly's ZexalEdit


Opponent(s) Episode Result
Mr. Mrs.Rise of the BerriesWin


Ash the Fatty's Deck

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